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In Memorium

This page is a tribute to those CAP dogs that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge and/or CAP teams that have retired.  We are forever thankful to these wonderful beings and their handlers that gave so much to the lives that they touched in their CAP visits.  Therapy dogs are magnanimous in each connection they make with humans in need and we will be eternally grateful.  

This is Felix Cubillos who with his partner Debbie brought his kindness and love to so many CAP visitations and events.  He was an intuitive soul who knew how to reach each human with his presence.  He helped us in the testing of dogs in our CAP evaluations, patiently steady through several meet and greet a strange dog in each test.  We celebrate  in gratitude and thankfulness the 6 years that Felix and Debbie were a visiting CAP team.  

This is Chowdah Hunt who with his parter Susan brought his unending patience and love to all humans that he touched.  Chowdah was able to assess the human need, whether it was a child or an adult or special needs,and give just what was needed.  He worked tirelessly for CAP in our most challenging programs, our Children’s program and was a constant assistant in our Training program.  He gave unconditionally to CAP for 7 years.  We are deeply grateful to Chowdah and Susan.

This is Ziggy Lafleur. His Labradoodle temperament enhanced his Therapy Dog qualities. He completed the CAP  training  and certification, as he celebrated his first birthday. He so loved his 14 years working in CAP with his partners Todd and Robin.  He brought his sweet disposition, calm and happy demeanor, and CAP training to nursing homes, Cape Cod Hospital, schools, libraries, and numerous CAP and community events.  He assisted with the CAP evaluations.

He was a beautiful giving soul who truly loved his time as a Therapy Dog right into his old age. Those of us who knew Ziggy were blessed by his presence with Robin And Todd. We are forever grateful  their contribution and dedication to CAP.

For over ten years Berkley and Catherine Offinger were an active team visiting in all CAP’s programs and venues . 
Every visit Berkley made, he gave his whole heart . He lived to love and be loved by everyone he met.  He loved his family and new granddaughter. When he was on a scheduled CAP visit, at work with Catherine ,or around his hometown, he gave his all to everyone.  The bench pictured here is outside the Falmouth Post office on Main Street, where Berkley would hold court and greet everyone!

Thank you Catherine for sharing this special dog with so many.  He will be greatly missed and always remembered . 


Zoe Colman brought joy and comfort to so many during her many years of visiting at care facilities and hospitals.  Zoe’s connection with children in CAP’s Childrens Programs was magical.

Thank you Steve for sharing her with so many. She was an amazing Therapy dog and pet.  She will be missed and remembered.

“CHILLIN” Bishop, FoxRun’s All Fired Up at Electralon RE MX MXJ XF AD NW1, THDA CGC. (6/9/2007-11/30/2022)
Beloved Friend, Companion, Mother, Sister, Aunt, Grandmother, Great Grandmother.

Since she was a puppy, she touched people in no other way I have ever witnessed.
At 10 weeks old she almost died from a reaction to an antibiotic. It shut her liver down. She recovered and that incident was what brought Nancy and Chillin to her current position in Dennis. Chillin was known as the Rehab Assistant and was paid cases of cookies.

Chillin’s lack of focus on the agility course was not due to stress, she felt she needed to be visiting these people on the sidelines they looked like they needed comfort. 
When Carol Bryant brought her beautiful Carlee for some rehab, she suggested she be a therapy dog, okay she ordered. When Nancy obtained her Therapy dog certification through CAP, Companion Animal Program it was a no brainer this was Chillin’s purpose. Chillin visited nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult mentally disabled day programs, elementary schools, libraries, colleges, etc.

Nancy’s account of one of Chillin’s experiences from a visit at the mentally disabled facility. Chillin approached a woman, the aid stated she did not interact with the dogs. Nancy said okay but Chillin would not move out of the sit position next to this woman just out of arms reach. Over the next 5 minutes (a really long time in dog minutes), Chillin managed to scooch her way closer and closer to this woman without alarming her until she (the woman) quickly reached down and touched Chillin, she smiled and the next reach was an actual pet on Chillin’s head, Nancy looked to the aid who was in tears and stated she had never seen her interact with anyone or anything like that before. Chillin then stood up shook and looked back as if to say I knew I could do it.

Another great Chillin story is after a CAP children’s Tales to Tails visit at the Local book store. Susan Hunt and I went down to a new store down main street that loves dogs, they are a clothing store. Chillin saw these hands and immediately went to them, they did not move so she placed herself in the hands and began to pet herself. (I think she just thought it  was an elderly person) ten she looked up to make eye contact that is the the second pic.

Many Thanks to Nancy for sharing this special being with CAP…GODSPEED Sweet girl!