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In Memorium


This page is in tribute to those CAP dogs who have recently passed away. We are grateful to these therapy teams who gave so much to the lives that they touched during their time with CAP, whether visiting or serving as ambassadors of CAP’s mission at community events. Therapy dogs and their handlers are generous and nonjudgmental in the connections they make with those in need. We honor them for the time, effort and care they gave. 


Tillie Cross

Tillie with her owner and best friend, VeeAnn Cross. Tillie had only been working as a CAP dog for a short time before she died of liver cancer, but for years before she became a member of CAP, Tillie brought joy to all she met. VeeAnn says it was as if Tillie had been training her whole life to be a therapy dog. She brought smiles and laughter to the residents of Atria whenever she “sang the song of her people” – a joyful “Roo-o-o!” in response to their loving attention. Tillie is greatly missed by her family and anyone who had the pleasure of enjoying her smile, her singing, and her other silly antics. CAP thanks Tillie for her service and her songs.




Brady-and-Debbie-with-kids.JPGBrady Pierce

It takes an extraordinary dog to give what Brady did on every CAP visit. He loved his job and was always eager to go to work. Brady’s favorite command was, “Go say Hi!” It was a directive he carried out with never-ending enthusiasm. What a sweet and loving boy Brady was! Brady is pictured above at a children’s visit with his favorite person, Debbie Pierce, getting and giving lots of love.



Masie Antosh


Beautiful, little Masie passed away after fourteen years of a joyful life. Her handler, Jay Antosh, called Masie his pal, his love. CAP will miss Jay and Masie and all the comfort and happiness that they gave to so many. Farewell, dear Masie!





Zoe ColmanZoe-Coleman.jpeg

Long-time CAP therapy dog, Zoe Colman, and her owner, Steve, brought much cheer and solace to everyone they met at care facilities, hospitals, schools, and libraries. They were a team that represented what CAP is and does. We are grateful for their many years of therapy work.




Chillin Bishop


Seen here with her owner, Nancy, Chillin seemed to be on a fifteen-year mission to love everyone she met. In turn, all who had the pleasure of Chillin’s company loved her. She brought happiness to many who will miss the warmth and kind spirit that she shared in a variety of settings throughout the time she and Nancy spent with CAP.






Foster StriplingFoster-Stripling.jpeg

Mary Stripling said a sad goodbye to Foster after a last walk with him on the beach. For many years, they spent summers on the Cape with CAP visiting care facilities and children’s programs. Foster just loved his time with kids, some of whom thought that he actually knew how to read. Summers will be less sunny without Foster and Mary.



Coco Skudder

Coco-Skudder.jpegCoco was a dignified and loving chocolate lab. He visited for years at Atria Care Facility with his owner, Joanne. His calm, patient presence was a gift to residents and staff. Coco knew his job and he did it well. Coco will be missed by Joanne and his CAP family.






Tucker Jensen

Tucker was well loved and had a wonderful life. His mom, Stephanie, describes him as a sweet, happy dog whom she called “The Ambassador of Love” because he was always so glad to meet people and let them know that he thought they were special. Tucker loved his ball-chasing walks in the Mashpee River Woodlands, swimming, and going on trips in the car, especially when he and Stephanie were on a CAP mission. He was only eight when he passed away, but Tucker brought joy to so many during his time here. He will be missed by all his people, especially Stephanie, with whom he shared a special bond.