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Children's Visits - Summer 2017 Reading Program

June 3 - 10-11 AM   Bourne Library

July 11 - 11AM-NOON  Weldon Library W. Barnstable
July 18 - 10-11 AM  Bourne Library

July 21 - 10:30-11:30AM  Truro Library
July 28 - 10-11 AM 
Wellfleet Library
August 3 - 2:30-3:30 PM 
Brooks Library
August 8 - 2-3 PM 
Brewster Ladies Library

August 14 - 10-11 AM  DY High School
August 15 - 3-4 PM 
Hyannis Library

September 5 - 10-11 AM  Jonathan Bourne Library

Please contact  Susan Hunt, Children's Program Coordinator, at:

Our Therapy Teams visit schools where children have the opportunity to interact with our therapy pets. Children of all ages find much joy in the acceptance and love that pets give.

Capitalizing upon the unique bond that exists between dogs and humans, CAP’s reading program, Tales to Tails, uses this bond to improve and enhance the literacy skills of children while enhancing self-esteem and reducing self-consciousness so children look forward to reading. The majority of CAP’s reading programs are set up in conjunction with libraries throughout the Cape.

Each program is conducted with many of the same considerations as the regular CAP visits. For instance, Rule of Separation applies (dogs will not visit with each other while conducting a therapy visit). Each program will have a Captain that the teams will report to and that can report any notable occurences  to the Visitation Coordinator.

The children are usually signed up through the Children’s Librarian or the teachers in a school setting. The librarian selects books suitable for the ages and interests represented (usually very heavy on dog-themed books!). The children are encouraged to read to a dog of their choice and when they are done, to vacate their spot for a waiting child. Because children are not chosen for their reading ability, Children's Visits is used to help kids experience the library and reading in a fun and positive manner.

CAP promotes reading programs Cape wide, in a number of libraries and schools, encouraging young readers by having them read to dogs.

Companion Animal Program: