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CAP Clothing Store for 2018-2019

Kaleidoscope Imprints of West Yarmouth has been CAP’s clothing supplier for many years. New in 2018 was an opportunity to make buying by our members easier and much more personal. Kaleidoscope believes it will be a perfect fit for us.

​The 'CAP Store’ and how it works: All members will be able to access the CAP Store at, in MAY and OCTOBER each year. Once there, all available CAP clothing items including dog bandanas, etc. are pictured for review and selection (sizes are chosen at check-out). [Note: new items can be added, and less desired items can be removed as we grow.]

Process: Members will:
1) open CAP Store website, review offerings.
2) complete the (one-time) information to “open an account” of their own.
3) select merchandise wanted, including “size” keeping in mind the difference between an “embroidered” and “silk-screened” item.
4) pay and check-out. [Member will receive a confirmation email of order along with an order #.]
5) You’re done.

Delivery and Time Frame: In order for the “Store” to work, Kaleidoscope will:
6) collect the money. [PLEASE NOTE: CAP does not make any money off of your orders. Kaleidoscope is instructed to list all merchandise at the next dollar-amount over their cost.]
7) on May and October 31, Kaleidoscope will organize all orders and make sure we meet the minimum (#) requirements, etc.
😎 Within 2-3 weeks Kaleidoscope will deliver ALL items Todd Lafleur, who will contact members and make arrangements for pickup.

9) Members can make any number of orders during the month.
10) Bandanas come in “Small” and “Large”.